Nuissance Squirrels

The squirrels are taking over the garage and shed in my back yard.  I’m afraid to go in there because they jump around overhead in the rafters and hiss at me. They chew up everything made of paper and they’ve tried to get into my seasonal storage duffel bags.  Enough is enough.
I found this stuff  Critter Ridder  It’s a spray-on liquid composed of three different kinds of hot peppers. Unlike bear spray, you don’t have to hit the animal with the spray; you’re suppose to spray it where they hang around.  But it lasts only 30 days before you have to reapply it.

If it doesn’t work, I think I’ll get a pet wolverine and keep him in the shed.  Wolverines like small mammals; goodness knows I’ve got enough of those.
If I have any left-over Critter Ridder I might use it as a spritzer on chicken wings or a nice taco salad.  Wish me luck.


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