Lac-Mégantic: Canadian TSB Railway Investigation Report R13D0054

This is the full report of the Canadian Transportation Safety Board’s investigation and findings regarding the derailment and tragedy in Megantic, QC.  The report was issued in August, 2014, 13 months after the accident.  I found the details of the many things that went wrong are interesting.  Eg. the fire in the engine  (that preceded the runaway) was caused by oil accumulating in the turbocharger and igniting.  The investigators dug further to discover why the oil accumulated there – shoddy repairs from an earlier problem.  Fascinating.

On 06 July 2013, shortly before 0100 Eastern Daylight Time, eastward Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway freight train MMA-002, which was parked unattended for the night at Nantes, Quebec, started to roll. The train traveled approximately 7.2 miles, reaching a speed of 65 mph. At around 0115, when MMA-002 approached the centre of the town of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, 63 tank cars carrying petroleum crude oil (UN 1267) and 2 box cars derailed. About 6 million litres of petroleum crude oil spilled. There were fires and explosions, which destroyed 40 buildings, 53 vehicles, and the railway tracks at the west end of Megantic Yard. Forty-seven people were fatally injured. There was environmental contamination of the downtown area and of the adjacent river and lake.

George Foreman on Muhammad Ali: If you didn’t love him, you must have been jealous, which is the same thing as loving him.

The link, below is the text of George Foreman’s  birthday message to Muhammad Ali (on the occasion of the champ’s 70th birthday).  It’s a great tribute which also speaks volumes to Foreman’s own character.

“I was over-confident when I fought him. I’d gone through fighters who’d beaten him, such as Joe Frazier and Kenny Norton. All I thought was, “Should I be merciful or not?” I thought he was just one more knockout victim until, about the seventh round, I hit him hard to the jaw and he held me and whispered in my ear: “That all you got, George?” I realised that this ain’t what I thought it was.”  . . .

“You can talk with war veterans and not know they have a wooden leg. What they did makes their illness unnoticeable. A hero is a guy that you get into a corner and you beat him and you beat him and you beat him and, rather than going down, he says to himself, “If I go down, all the people that believe in me will go down with me. I must stand.” And because Ali stood, he got injuries”

Please read the complete text…..