“Generous” at GCTC: Life’s short. Don’t waste it on crappy plays

Generous was the first GCTC play of the season. It was terrible. At least Act I was terrible. I was comfortably at home doing the dishes by the beginning of Act II.

  • Too many rambling, stream-of-consciousness dialogs, memorized perfectly and delivered by rote;
  • Too many youthful, small-in-stature actors playing the part of blustering powerful politicians;
  • No sense of continuity from scene to scene

(Psst…this is actually a dramatic device. Audience members who stick around for Act II apparently appreciate some sense of completion/fulfillment, experiencing “a heightened sense of immediacy and connection with the show.”

My sense of “immediacy and connection” was heightened by watching the tail end of the Blue Jays 4-0 win over the Yankees.

Life’s short. Don’t waste it on crappy plays.

http://ottawacitizen.com/entertainment/local-arts/a-generous-dollop-of-politics-to-kick-of-gctcs-new-season Th​is isn’t a review; it’s more of a promotional piece – and advertorial.

P.S. This play, Generous, isn’t new. Maybe it was clever/riveting/relevant 10 years ago. So no blame on the playwright, Michael Healy. Someone at GCTC owes me an apology.