Media mogul won’t testify in his own mental competency trial

​Here’s a mess. Sumner Redstone, the rich old guy who controls Viacom and CBS is being sued by the woman whom he named and then dismissed as his health care ​Attorney. She claims he’s incapacitated and that she should retain her Attorney role.

His legal attorney doesn’t want him to testify because of a “speech impediment”. Sure.  Sure, sure.

In the unlikely event that this goes to trial, it will be as good as the Republican national convention in terms of TV viewing.

How Life Shatters Chemistry’s Mirror

Fascinating article from 2009. If life exists in other parts of our solar system it is probably “left handed” in the sense that the amino molecules of life on Earth are left-handed. But life in other parts of the universe might be right-handed.

How Life Shatters Chemistry’s Mirror