Anti-pipeline protestor tosses pumpkin seeds at Canada’s Trudeau

Pumpkin seeds? Next thing you know it will be sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, grape seeds….when will this madness end?

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is usually greeted by cheering crowds when he goes out in public but received a less pleasant welcome in Hamilton on Friday – a handful of pumpkin

Source: Anti-pipeline protestor tosses pumpkin seeds at Canada’s Trudeau | Top News | Reuters

Don Trump Talks about the Importance of Star Trek… Not!

I’m not a Trekie, but I recognize the truth and value in Obama’s short appreciation of the Star Trek phenomenon.  Well done.

I absolutely cannot imagine Don Trump saying anything cogent about something as esoteric as Star Trek.  Absolutely cannot..

President Barack Obama recently spoke about his love for Star Trek. The president was Wired’s guest editor for the month of November, and chose to center the theme around “frontiers.”

Source: President Obama Talks the Importance of Star Trek – TREKNEWS.NET