Get me the H.R. Department!”  “We don’t need no stinkin’ H.R. Department”.

This guy, Peter O’Leary, is suing the Ottawa Senators for constructive dismissal.  His old boss, Cyril Leeder, was fired by owner Euguene Melnyk a few weeks after O’Leary.

On Nov. 29, Leeder left O’Leary a handwritten note stating that the bonus would be paid that night, apologizing that it had taken so long. Outstanding employer RRSP contributions were also paid, according to the statement of claim. On Dec. 5, Brooks sent O’Leary an email stating that the payment was made “‘in error’ and that he must immediately return it,” according to the claim. O’Leary asked for an explanation and the next day O’Leary lost network access, including his work email and mobile phone, and was removed from the company directory.

Source: Former Sens executive sues team for $1.5M, alleges friction with Melnyk – Ottawa – CBC News