Urban Design: Local promotions – West Side Action

Staggering school breaks could be a big boon to the Canadian hospitality industry, as blogger Eric Darwin points out.



In France, the school March break weeks vary around the country so there isn’t one giant peak. The actual week off rotates by region, so everyone gets a crack at prime time. Schools offer trips to other regions for skiing or art galleries or just touristing. Instead of day camp in the community centre, take the kids to the Louvre. This probably generates national pride and knowledge. Our media coverage of March break is schizophrenic … its either a “suffer with the kids underfoot” survival-type story, or exhortation to spend big and go to where its warm. We fail to develop national pride at our peril.

With all students in Ontario off school at the same time the demand peaks and businesses have to turn away potential customers.  Once the mass break is over the businesses have vacant capacity.  That goes for hotels, airlines, museums, restaurants, theaters, ski hills, etc.

He gives examples of promotional tie-ins between local retailers and local hospitality destinations.

Source: Urban Design (xv) Local promotions – West Side Action

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