I’m getting a bit ticked at all these Covid patients…

A few people  dying and a lot more getting sick are spoiling things for the rest of us.
I think the various States of Emergency should do something positive and effectual instead of fining people for attending parties and not wearing masks.
Here’s my idea: enact legislation that gives the Government of Ontario the right to access and integrate data from patients’ smartphones with Covid patient data from OHIP and add in other location data from Presto, the Beer Store, LCBO, Ontario Lottery and Gaming, universities and school boards. Throw all the data in a big tub and turn on the Artificial Intelligence.  The output would be a demographic description of the people who are spoiling things.  Lock them down, tightly. Problem solved, more or less.


I think the trade-offs between privacy and health/safety are due for a re-balancing. I can’t help thinking that there’s a logical answer to the question, “Who are all these people?”.  An analogy: investigators of fatal traffic accidents will often report whether the injured parties were wearing seatbelts or whether excessive speed was involved or whether alcohol was a factor.  We should have Covid-19 investigators who report what contributing factors the patients have.  A possible downside: some symptomatic people would delay getting tested if a positive result would “out” them….a trade-off worth making, I think.

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