A not-so-innocent abroad: Trump bumbles across the Middle East – The Washington Post

The tail end of this critical piece observes that even when President Trump is reading from the teleprompter he can’t resist embellishments.  The columnist imagines, What if Trump were called upon to deliver the Gettysburg Address?

“Four score and seven years ago — that’s a long time ago, very long — our fathers, who spoke about this at great length, did what perhaps has virtually never been done before: brought forth on this continent, a new nation, a very great new nation — there’s no question about that — conceived in liberty — and that is so important! — and dedicated to the amazing proposition — and they felt very strongly about this, I can tell you — that all men are created equal. Number one for me.”

Source: A not-so-innocent abroad: Trump bumbles across the Middle East – The Washington Post


So, let’s say Trump gets impeached. Then what? – The Washington Post

​Interesting premise…the author suggests that if impeached and removed from office Trump wouldn’t go away but would start campaigning for the 2020 election – creating havoc on the way.

A better alternative, he (the author) suggests, would be for the Democrats to develop some positive messaging/programs/alternatives. I agree; relying on the “Not my President” dissenters isn’t going to carry them very far in the mid-terms.


Get me the H.R. Department!”  “We don’t need no stinkin’ H.R. Department”.

This guy, Peter O’Leary, is suing the Ottawa Senators for constructive dismissal.  His old boss, Cyril Leeder, was fired by owner Euguene Melnyk a few weeks after O’Leary.

On Nov. 29, Leeder left O’Leary a handwritten note stating that the bonus would be paid that night, apologizing that it had taken so long. Outstanding employer RRSP contributions were also paid, according to the statement of claim. On Dec. 5, Brooks sent O’Leary an email stating that the payment was made “‘in error’ and that he must immediately return it,” according to the claim. O’Leary asked for an explanation and the next day O’Leary lost network access, including his work email and mobile phone, and was removed from the company directory.

Source: Former Sens executive sues team for $1.5M, alleges friction with Melnyk – Ottawa – CBC News

Politically correct UC-Berkeley restricts access to thousands of online lecture videos

This is too bad.  UC Berkeley has a trove of video-taped lectures that they through up on their website – as a goodwill gesture, I guess.  That seems like good economic sense – creating value in the broader community and good publicity for the university.  But the recordings weren’t post-edited to include hand signage or footnotes for the visually- or hearing-impaired.  And they complained.  And the university agreed to take down the videos.  In a narrow sense, I agree with the university’s decision.  “You know what?  You’re right.  Screw this.  Life’s too short for us to go to bat.  You want to spoil something for everyone just because you can’t use it?  Okay.”


Why UC-Berkeley is restricting access to thousands of online lecture videos

Source: Why UC-Berkeley is restricting access to thousands of online lecture videos – The Washington Post

John W. Dean (Nixon’s lawyer) on the current President

Remember John Dean, from the old days? At the time he struck me as one of the (rare) good apples in a bad bunch.
Dean’s observations here, from the CBC’s “Power and Politics” show, are excellent. Inquiring minds will be rewarded by waiting till the end of the interview (or advancing the tape to 7:12)….”How’s this going to end?”

(For better or worse, CBC’s video player includes several non-skippable public service messages.)

North Korean leader’s half-brother murdered in Malaysia: Reuters

I noticed this tid-bit in the details of the story.

The portly and easygoing Kim Jong Nam was believed to be close to his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, who was North Korea’s second most powerful man before being executed on Kim Jong Un’s orders in 2013.
Sometimes being second-most-powerful just isn’t good enough.

Source: North Korean leader’s half-brother murdered in Malaysia: source | Top News | Reuters