“Totally unacceptable…”. Who writes this stuff?

With school boards across the continent struggling with planning for the most tumultuous school reorganization in anyone’s memory, it seems a bit far-fetched to protest possible reductions to French immersion


L’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario denounced talks about French programs in a tweet Wednesday night, calling it “totally unacceptable.”

“In a bilingual country, to propose the elimination of the teaching of one of the official languages is unthinkable,” the organization representing Franco-Ontarians wrote. “We also ask the Toronto District School Board to stop using official languages as a means of pressure to reach its goals. It’s damaging for the country.”

A creative challenge to the notion that corporations are people – The War Room with Jennifer Granholm // Current TV

I’ve been watching more American TV politics than usual lately and I like this network, “Current TV”.  One of their best shows is hosted by Jennifer Granholm – Canadian-born former Governor of Michigan, suggested as a candidate for Obama’s next Cabinet (Energy)
This particular clip is sort of interesting – some kook was driving (alone) in the High-Occupancy-Vehicle (2+) lane and is fighting the ticket that he got on the grounds that he had his corporation with him (in his briefcase) and that therefore there were two persons in the car. He lost the first case (on the basis of “common sense”) but is appealing.

I would buy stock in Jennifer Granholm if I knew how, and I would buy stock in Current TV if it hadn’t been sold earlier this week to Al Jazeerah (!)

A creative challenge to the notion that corporations are people – The War Room with Jennifer Granholm // Current TV.

Wealth Gap? It’s due to politics.

In a largely uninspiring article on Old vs. Young, The New York Times Sunday Review (June 22, 2012) describes the significant disparity in the wealth of the boomer generation and our kids”

“The wealth gap between households headed by someone over 65 and those headed by someone under 35 is wider than at any point since the Federal Reserve Board began keeping consistent data in 1989. The gap in homeownership is the largest since Census Bureau data began in 1982. The income gap is also at a recorded high; median inflation-adjusted income for households headed by people between 25 and 34 has dropped 11 percent in the last decade while remaining essentially unchanged for the 55-to-64 age group.”

The reason? Less political power:

“Younger adults are faring worse in the private sector and, in large part because they have less political power, have a less generous safety net beneath them. Older Americans vote at higher rates and are better organized. There is no American Association of Non-Retired Persons. “Pell grants,” notes the political scientist Kay Lehman Schlozman, “have never been called the third rail of American politics.””

Politics?  Really?