The 747 is going extinct – Quartz

Boeing’s 747 isn’t dead yet. But it’s a fuel hog, and it’s days are numbered.

I was surprised to read in this article that Boeing is still making them – one every 20 days.  The article documents how the major airlines are reducing the number of 747s in their fleets. I wonder who’s buying the new ones?  Hedge-fund managers?  Bankers? Oligarchs?

The 747 is going extinct – Quartz.

Media Bias Frames Western Reporting on Ukraine | CIPS

…“there was an explosion”

This is a little unnerving, but predictable.  Columnist Paul Robinson dug through reports of last week’s attack by Ukrainian aircraft on a  border guard post near the city of Lugansk.  Ooops, one of the rockets went astray, killing many civilians.  Western media (CNN, BBC, CBC) reported the Ukraine version of the story, if they reported it at all.  Instead of “aircraft attacked a building,” we got, “there was an explosion”.  Well, explosions happen, I guess….how did the Blue Jays do?

via Media Bias Frames Western Reporting on Ukraine | CIPS.